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Patient Reviews


After moving cross country and needing to find a dentist, we came across Dr. Yoon. I had seen his name mentioned several times among a local mom's group I belong to, so I figured it was worth trying out. 

Between our family of 4, we made roughly 4 visits within two weeks. Visit 1 was for myself to check out the office and have a cleaning done. Dr. Yoon and his staff were awesome. I had my two year old with me, and they even set up a table for her to color at and put some cartoons on TV. Visit 2 was a check up for my husband. He was really pleased with his visit and how quick he was done and off to work. Visit 3 was for both of my kids (one is 5 and one is 2). They LOVED Dr. Yoon and his staff. My 5 year old is still talking about his time in the office and how fun it was. Visit 4 was for me (again). Had to have a cavity filled and molds taken for a night guard. The staff anticipated I would have my daughter with me and they had the coloring table and cartoons all set up for her when we arrived. Seriously... they are that thoughtful and kind. 

We genuinely loved our dentist back in the Midwest and I was dreading having to find someone new. Dr. Yoon unknowingly had some big shoes to fill and he and his employees did it amazingly well. Every single person in that office clearly cares about every single client they have. We are so glad to have found such an awesome FAMILY dental office in Scottsdale!

- Lindsay A.


Let's start with the front-end staff. Ashley is simply amazing. She treats our daughter with such kindness and respect, and is always friendly and helpful. The dental hygeinists at this clinic are obsessed with patient comfort. They will go out of their way to make this the best experience one can have in a dental setting. They too, treat my family like royalty when we visit. Dr. Yoon is a great dentist with a fantastic personality; prepare to laugh! He is hilarious, warm, and inviting. I wish I had more room to write more things about how wonderful this group is. Oh, they are extremely accomodating. I have had to make a few emergency appointments with them, and they have never failed to work something out that meets my schedule and my needs. Simply put, I moved several miles outside of Scottsdale, but I still make the drive to continue care with this facility. The best."

-  Joe C.


"Simply put this is the best dental experience I've had. From the front desk staff to Dr. Yoon and everyone in between. Everyone is friendly, on time, gentle and the work is exceptional. I first tried Scottsdale Family Dental on a promotion for teeth whitening, ended up staying for my cleaning and exam and booked my next appointment on the spot. After my second visit I am sold on them and I highly reccomend them (this coming from someone who used to be terrified of the dentist's chair!)"

- Tawny C.


"I'm glad it worked out. The team here is great. They not only do awesome work but they work with you on payment. I've had to break up some payments for dental work and they were happy and able to let me do so. Not only that but the dentist worked really hard on the dental work.

I recommend this place to anyone reading this and have actually recommended it to friends. I have a friend that goes here now and really likes it. The dentist was able to figure out dental work he previously had just through a quick examination.

In summation, this place is great and the team is even better."

 - Rene M


"Love these people. Doc Yoon is humorous which is a plus when in the dental chair for any length of time. The staff is very professional and knowledgeable. I truly am thankful for the pricing they charge. Between myself, my wife and son, visiting the dentist has turn out to be a minor mortgage. 
Recommending this office is a no brainer. Anyone looking for great service, price and toss in a little humor this is the place for your dental needs."

- Dennis C.


“Dr. Yoon and staff were great! I had a cracked tooth that needed immediate attention. The front desk was able to get me in right away and Dr. Yoon relived the pain (without causing more!!!!), and determined that we could avoid a “root canal”. He treated my tooth and installed a crown quickly. I love Scottsdale Family Dental and would never consider going anywhere else!"

- Dora S.


“When I was very young, I had a very traumatic experience with a pediatric dentist. During surgery, I woke up, was in pain and could not move or let the doctor know. Because of this, I had a terrible fear of dentists and avoided them. My mom finally convinced me to see Dr. Yoon because he was experienced at sedation dentistry and treated many patients who had intense fear of the dentist. When I met Yoon, I felt comfortable but was still unsure of the whole thing. It turned out that I had a few of small cavities that required filling so we scheduled the appointment. Dr. Yoon explained that he would prescribe a sedative for me that would help me relax and get through the procedure. He was right -- I had to see him twice for fillings and after the first visit, my intense fear started to go away. I am still wary of the idea of going to the dentist BUT I am not longer deathly afraid. I think this has a lot to do with the easy going approach Dr. Yoon takes as much as the sedative. If you have had a bad experience with a dentist before, then I would highly recommend you meet Dr. Yoon. “

-  Frankie C.  

“I love Dr. Yoon and his staff. They are always friendly and well organized and know me by name when I walk through the door. Dr. Yoon really knows his stuff and get’s me in and out as fast as possible without rushing through. He always explains what he is doing and always makes sure that I don’t have any questions. The best part of Scottsdale Family Dental is that they provide great service; great treatment and I can afford them!”

- Phillip M.

Love you guys! I was so happy Alana and April referred me to you. I already made an appointment for my grandmother and as soon as I have insurance in June I will call you for my regular cleaning and additional fillings! Remember I am a have plenty of Novocaine on standby! LOL. You guys rock!

- Ms. Pham


“Thank You so much for your time this morning at our school. It's really helpful for the children. This afternoon I heard many of the kids telling their parents about how to brush their teeth. It was so cute! We truly appreciate your time Dr Yoon.”Phase 2 of my smile occurred today, and again it was handled by a knowledgeable staff with care. If you need work done in the Valley, do yourself a favor and go see the phenomenal staff at Scottsdale Family Dental.

- Thomas Rogers


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